Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing 23

I found this to be a worthwhile experience.  Everything is always so rushed in life so it is something that I would like to delve into when school is out and I have more time.  My favorite thing was the trading cards, name badges etc.  I looked at a couple of other blogs and realized I never made an avatar.  I did sign up for Second Life and think I will enjoy going to that space.

Thanks to all who developed this.  It was a great way to learn.  I know much more about the web 2.0 and feel comfortable using some parts.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thing 22

I will try to check in on my blog and improve it. I know that I need to know more about these "things". I guess I am in now. I have so many sites that I can sign into . I hope I used that same password for all. Thanks to all who worked hard to set this training up.

Thing 8

My original post disappeared for Thing 8. Here is what I remember . I loved the trading cards. I have always wanted to use something where I could make cards like that. I am not sure how to get the info on the back. Also I liked the name badges. I didn't realize all the information was going to show up or I would have put it on this blog. My favorite Thing so far.

Thing 21

Web Junction article - I can understand the frustrations of trying to get everyone on board to use a social networking site. That must be very frustrating. I find it hard just to think about doing any of these things. It seems that we a very far removed from any of these things. Most of this will need to be done at home for me.

The article I was supposed to read about My Space for books just went to an ELM link. I am posting a picture of the Cork Library in Cork, Ireland. (actually not a library anymore)

Thing 20

Well I joined Facebook and thought it was ok. I can see where some people would take the time to use this. I think I just don't have the time. I much rather communicate with people face to face.

Thing 19

I use my ipod daily and download podcasts once in awhile. I did manage to put a link to a podcast from NPR called Grammar Grater. This was so good I am going to add it to my itunes podcasts

Thing 18

You Tube: So great everything from the library domino's to the Winona State library tour. I think I should do a little tour of my library and try to upload it to You Tube. No I didn't know that a Mn high school student created it. I found a video that I want to put on my blog I will see if I can accomplish that. I did it but I got four when I wanted one. So much to learn.